COMAH Safety Case

Velimor has a range of expert compliance consultants available to produce your Control of Major Accident Hazards (COMAH) Safety Cases.

COMAH Safety Cases are required on top-tier sites that exceed a defined level of hazardous chemicals. Safety cases are conducted as a way to demonstrate that a facility is designed, constructed, commissioned, operated and maintained in a way that risks to personnel/environment are reduced to an acceptable level.

COMAH Regulations

The aim of the COMAH Regulations is to ensure that all necessary measures are taken to prevent any major accidents involving dangerous substances to personnel and/or the environment.

Safety Case Lifecycle

A safety case can be split up into nine subsections which together makes up the Safety Case Lifecycle.

Velimor's Compliance Consultants

Velimor's compliance consultants are able to help you compile your COMAH Safety Cases and achieve COMAH Regulations Compliance by:

  • Providing advice on compliance with the health and safety legislations within the UAE including
    • Offshore oil and gas services, including installation of safety systems and machinery, electrical equipment and systems
    • Onshore Major Accident Hazard (MAH) installation safety systems
    • Onshore MAH installation machinery, electrical equipment and systems
    • Other workplace safety systems, machinery, electrical equipment and systems
  • Providing advice on compliance with the health and safety legislations, in the field of MAH process safety management including:
    • Offshore oil and gas services, including installation of Corporate Major Accident Prevention Policy (CMAPP) risk assessment and management
    • Onshore MAH installation Major Accident Prevention Policy (MAPP) risk assessment and management
    • Other workplace MAH risk assessment and management

In addition to providing advice on how to achieve COMAH Compliance, as part of a COMAH Safety Case Velimor is able to:

  • Write a safety case based on the client specific design and management arrangements, as well as demonstrating compliance with regulatory requirement and agreed codes of practice
  • Identify and document MAHs, using methods such a Bow-Tie Analysis
  • Analyse the impact of MAHs
  • Perform risk assessment services, such as consequence and risk modelling using a Quantitative Risk Assessment (QRA) for both onshore and offshore installations
  • Identify risk reduction measures to satisfy As Low As Reasonably Practicable (ALARP) using Cost Benefit Analysis (CBA) where appropriate
  • Identify Safety Critical Elements (SCEs) in place to manage the MAHs
  • Generate performance standards for each SCE
  • Produce a clear and detailed safety case available for auditing by management and Health and Safety regulators
  • Compile your COMAH Safety Case in compliance with the Safety Report Assessment Manual (SRAM) and the MAPP
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