RAM Studies

Velimor is pleased to offer Reliability, Availability and Maintainability Studies (RAM studies) to companies requiring an assessment of their system as a way of optimizing their system's operational performance.

RAM Studies are used as a way of assessing a production system's capabilities, both in operation and those still in the design phase. As facilities and plants are being used for longer period of time, a Reliability, Availability and Maintainability Study is able to provide an assessment into the assets life time capabilities and enable businesses to maximize on their return on investment.

A RAM Study can be shown to be broken up into three separate areas:

  • Reliability Services – Predicting the probability in which a system will not experience an unplanned outage;
  • Availability Services – Predicting the probability in which the system is working in a functioning state when required, including both planned and unplanned outages;
  • Maintainability Services – Predicting the probability in which a product / system can be repaired following a failure within a specific time frame.

With the combination of these three services combines into one study, Velimor is able to offer a RAM Study that models the predicted production capabilities of a facility.

The benefits of undertaking a RAM Studies include:

  • A reduction in the maintenance and sparing costs, while maintaining and / or increasing production levels;
  • A decrease in the duration of any unplanned and planned outages;
  • Optimisation on capital investment by reducing the cost of production;
  • Optimisation of capital improvement options at the plant and enterprise levels when improve budgets are constrained;
  • Accurate forecasts of equipment lifecycle costs that reflect the equipment age, duty cycle and maintenance effectiveness;
  • Alignment of maintenance resources based on the criticality of equipment to production revenue.

Velimor has a number of Reliability Consultants that have worked on an extensive range of projects across a number of industries. In choosing Velimor to conduct your RAM Studies, Velimor's specialist RAM Studies Consultants are able to:

  • Produce a RAM Study customised based on the needs and requirements of the client;
  • Identify potential critical pieces of equipment;
  • Identify the equipment that has the highest risk of causing operational failures;
  • Identify possible causes of production losses and examine the possible alternatives to overcome them;
  • Produce Reliability Block Diagrams (RBDs) with the aid of SIL Comp®
  • Produce a RAM Study based on different system configurations;
  • Produce recommendations on how to improve the system availability;
  • Produce a record of the RAM Study in the form of a formal report, detailing an overview of the RAM Study, including any assumptions made as well as the findings as part of the study.

As well as offering RAM Studies, Velimor is also able to additionally offer a Cost Benefit Analysis (CBA) as part of the RAM Study.

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