Inspection Services

Project Quality Management Services

Throughout any project, it is vital to manage and control quality at every stage - from purchasing and construction through to commissioning.

Our services will monitor and control every quality aspect of your project - from independent third party vendor inspection at the purchasing stage, through to on-site quality monitoring during construction. We also provide following services to fulfill project requirements:

Vendor Audits

Quality Assurance Engineers carry out Pre-Contract Award Surveys, Supplier Evaluations, Third Party Quality Assurance Audits and Vendor Surveillance.

Velimor has a good relationship with the vast majority of oil & gas related vendors around the world enabling us to conduct pre contract award surveys by QA Engineers with regular experience of these manufacturers.

This can be a very useful tool for clients who are considering placing orders with unfamiliar vendors or who have reservations about placing an order with a vendor through previous experience or knowledge. In addition, it may be beneficial, as part of a 'lessons learnt' exercise, to receive a full assessment of a manufacturer, once a problematic order has been completed.

Supplier Evaluation will include, though not be limited to, details of the vendor's Quality System, Traceability, Capacity, Current Workload, Manpower, Affiliations, History/client base, Number of Personnel and their qualifications.

Vendor Inspection

Vendor Inspection, sometimes referred to as Source Inspection or Third Party Inspection, covers inspection activities performed at manufacturer's works of all types of mechanical, electrical, electronic, and instrumentation equipment that are purchased by clients within the Petrochemical, Oil & Gas, Pharmaceutical and Mining Industries.

With today's technology and communications the need for companies to respond and react quickly and efficiently to quality control requirements for procured products is increasingly important.

The level of Vendor Inspection services provided is intrinsically linked to the equipment involved, the Purchase Order requirements and the technical specifications / standards (national and international) applicable to the equipment. Normally the level of inspection is reviewed with the client to ensure that both parties fully understand what is expected of the other.

Should the client require only one or two visits, for example to conduct final inspection or to witness a test on a specific piece of kit, the scope of inspection is easily and clearly defined. When the scope of inspection is more detailed the manufacturer normally draws up a Quality Control Plan or Inspection and Test Plan on which the scope of inspection for all parties is agreed and the client then approves this document.

For a sizeable skid package or critical piece of equipment a Pre- Production or Pre -Inspection Meeting is held during which all parties discuss the scope of inspection, locations for inspection, communication channels and agree the proposed markup of the Quality Control Plan.

Velimor is a growing and motivated company in the field of Vendor Inspection and are able to accommodate single orders to major projects or contracts . Velimor has field engineers with qualifications and capabilities to fulfill all client expectations.

Velimor's Vendor Inspection philosophy is not only to provide suitably skilled and experienced, cost effective inspectors for specific assignments or projects, but to manage the client's procurement inspection quality assurance in the field.

Velimor provide a comprehensive budgetary estimation and/or control system for all work performed on behalf of clients, whereby regular status report and projections of budgets can be submitted to the client.

Velimor provides you with the opportunity to achieve your quality needs in a speedy, professional and efficient manner.

We can provide experienced technical personnel from an extensive international network of experienced, qualified and internally assessed inspectors available throughout the world. Thus providing a comprehensive cost effective service to our clients.

Vendor Expediting

Today Expediting is an integral part of the procurement process. In the past Expediting has been considered a corrective function rather than a preventive function. However as both the schedule and the pricing of projects continue to become increasingly critical, Expediting should be incorporated into the project planning at the onset, so as to ensure the required timely delivery.

Expediting is the continuous process, commencing at the time of order placement, of ensuring that final delivery of goods and documentation to the job site is achieved within the shortest possible timeframe.

Expediting service should be implemented independently of inspection activities and be carried out by experienced professional field expeditors who have a sufficient understanding of the material on order to enable them to work with the manufacturer to minimize the time frame for each manufacturing phase as much as physically and financially possible.

Depending on Client specific requirements, Expediting services may apply at different stages of a project such as: fabrication and assembly, rectification work, material deficit, failure on test or inspection, shipment and packing, and submission of documentation.

Velimor provides a proactive and cost effective Expediting services through our extensive network of experienced Field Expeditors located close to major manufacturing locations throughout the world. Our Expeditors are skilled in production planning and manufacturing processes for all major industrial disciplines and equipment, and are able to work with the manufacturer to identify delays and potential problems with a view to maintaining schedules and, if required, initiating remedial action to get production activities back on schedule.

Our experienced expediters not only follow the progress of an order and ensure that all avenues are examined and considered with a view to improving the proposed delivery date, but also undertake in-depth trouble-shooting to ensure that required delivery dates are respected. This work entails pre-production meetings, establishment of programs or critical path networks, control of engineering, sub-orders and sub-vendors, manufacture, test, dispatch, documentation submission/approval and order close out.

The cost control of Expediting activity is a key factor to many clients, thus Velimor provide clients with expediting options along with justifications, with full consideration to minimizing expediting costs on a job against frequency (effectiveness) of expediting and the cost implications of late deliveries. Agreed budgets are carefully controlled by our in-house computerized system and budgetary status reports can be generated automatically.

Contrary to the understanding of some organizations "Progress" or "Status Reporting" should not be confused with Expediting. Should a client only require Status Reporting, a good Inspection Engineer can visit a vendor to report on the precise progress of engineering and production for a specific order as physically verified according to the manufacturers paperwork and on the shop floor.

The competency of our expeditors is constantly assessed and reviewed in accordance with our Quality Management System. Field Audits are conducted on the expeditors so as to ensure compliance to Velimor's scope, impartiality, due diligence, Health, Safety and Environment awareness, and complete understanding and implementation of the client's particular requirements and expectations.

Pre shipment inspection

The scope for import supervision or pre-shipment inspection may include the verification of the goods in respect to quality, quantity, export market price, value for Customs purposes, depending on the requirements of the client or user government. The quality and quantity inspection may be for verifying that the goods conform to contractual specifications and that the value and Customs tariff code for Customs purpose.

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